About Me

It would be easy to get involved in the research part as a physician scientist, but Constantine Stratakis believes his work should encompass more than just discovery. While he has discovered genes, like PRKAR1A, that provide breakthrough knowledge in his field, he also has strong ties to his community.

He continues to work as a practicing physician for families and mentoring professor for students. Despite working as Senior Investigator at The National Institutes of Health, he makes time for his practice and role as an educator almost daily. Constantine Stratakis grew up in Athens, and got his Medical Degree and Doctorate in Endocrinology from Kapodistrian University in Athens. He has been focused on researching endocrine diseases of the pituitary gland, neoplasms and adrenal tumors. He has done research to understand gigantism, which could also apply to pediatric concerns for undergrowth. His work and discoveries have been published over 700 times in medical journals and scientific periodicals.

He served for five years as the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism from 2010-2015. Constantine Stratakis now acts as co-Editor-in-Chief for Hormone & Metabolic Research (HMR), Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology (MCE), and served as President of the Society for Pediatric Research (SPR, 2018-2019). He has won many awards for his dedicated research and teaching, including winning the Ernst Oppenheimer Award of the Endocrine Society in 2009, NICHD Mentor Award in 2015, and the Dale Medal of the Society for Endocrinology in 2019