About Dr. Constantine A. Stratakis

Dr. Stratakis is a dynamic, internationally known translational investigator and executive leader with a unique combination of skills and experience in science, healthcare, clinical trials, molecular research and genetics, policy, government regulations, and patient advocacy. His basic training was in medicine (pediatrics), genetics, and molecular endocrinology. As a medical geneticist, clinical trialist, and endocrinologist, he has worked on the genetics of solid tumors (mostly endocrine, but also sarcomas), and has identified a number of predisposing genetic defects, including a disease that bears his name (Carney-Stratakis syndrome). He led NIH genetics and endocrinology branches and the NICHD intramural research program (1,100 employees, $200M/year budget) for more than 18 years and still sees patients with pediatric, genetic, endocrine and metabolic disorders, reproductive abnormalities, obesity, and hypertension.

Dr. Stratakis is loved by the more than 200 trainees he has had the opportunity to nurture the careers of, over the last 25 years, and he is highly sought as a patient advocate, and a trusted and highly respected advisor for a wide-range of issues, across various sectors of the healthcare ecosystem.

Constantine Stratakis grew up in Athens, and got his Medical Degree and Doctorate in Endocrinology from Kapodistrian University in Athens. He has been focused on researching endocrine diseases of the pituitary gland, neoplasms and adrenal tumors. He has done research to understand gigantism, which could also apply to pediatric concerns for undergrowth. His work and discoveries have been published over 700 times in medical journals and scientific periodicals. He served for five years as the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism from 2010-2015. Constantine Stratakis now acts as co-Editor-in-Chief for Hormone & Metabolic Research (HMR), Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology (MCE), and served as President of the Society for Pediatric Research (SPR, 2018-2019). He has won many awards for his dedicated research and teaching, including winning the Ernst Oppenheimer Award of the Endocrine Society in 2009, NICHD Mentor Award in 2015, and the Dale Medal of the Society for Endocrinology in 2019